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Who We Are


Think Tank of the National Assembly

NARS is the only research institute in Korea which covers all legislative and policy issues.
To offer the highest quality of legal and policy analysis, in their research NARS experts approach different topics from different perspectives based on their expertise while upholding the principles of nonpartisanship and confidentiality.
NARS fully supports the legislative assembly members’ activities to ensure the National Assembly functions as a representative body of the people and further promotes democracy.
  • Encompass broadly all subject areas of state affairs in its research activities
  • Offer unparalleled expertise and experience in conducting legislative and policy research
  • Provide tailored assistance to Members in their legislative and parliamentary activities
  • Uphold the principles of nonpartisanship, confidentiality, and independence, ensuring that work is done in the public interest
  • Strive to maintain the trust of assembly members and the public