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Chief's Message


“Welcome to the website of the National Assembly Research Service”

국회입법조사처장 김만흠
  • On behalf of the National Assembly Research Service (NARS), I would like to warmly welcome you to our website.
  • To support members of the National Assembly in their legislative activities, the NARS was founded in 2007 as a legislative and policy research organization of the National Assembly.
  • By providing members of the National Assembly with legislative research service, publishing reports with an in-depth analysis of current domestic and international issues from the National Assembly’s perspective, and offering seminars on legislative issues to facilitate public discourse, NARS has committed to ensure that the National Assembly functions as a representative body of the people.
  • Our staffs and myself promise to continue to assist the National Assembly to become the trusted representatives of the people by serving as a stepping stone towards democracy of the Republic of Korea and a comprehensive think tank of the legislature.
  • NARS shares research and analysis results with a multidimensional approach and various events at NARS on our website.
  • We deeply appreciate your ongoing interest and support for NARS.
  • Thank you.
Kim Man Heum

Chief of the National Assembly Research Service

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