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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

National Assembly Research Service is committed to protecting the personal information made available to us when users click on , and to responding promptly to your questions about how we handle your personal information.

Purpose of collection and use of personal information
We collect and use a minimal amount of personal information, solely for the purposes of emailing and collecting statistics. If any modification to these purposes is planned, we will notify you and seek your prior consent.

Information collected automatically

The following information is automatically received and stored by our web servers when you visit

    • ⦁ the type of browser and operating system being used;
    • ⦁ your Internet Protocol (IP) address;
    • ⦁ the date and time you accessed our site; and
    • ⦁ the Internet address of the site from which you linked to our site.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we will use this information as statistical data to make our site more accessible and useful.

Updates to privacy policy
This policy may be revised or updated in order to provide better service, or in response to changes in relevant laws and regulations. Whenever any change is made, we will provide a notice on our website or send an email to subscribers.
Updated : July 13, 2020

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