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What We Do

Legislative Activities

  • Assisting the Legislature for Oversight of the Executive
    • NARS provides a relevant standing committee with information on suggestions to make better laws, systems and administration
      • Conduct research and analysis on problems or improvements related to the government policy or administration
    • NARS provides an evaluation on the follow-up actions of the parliamentary inspection of state administration to increase the executive accountability and feedback to next year’s oversight of the administrative branch
      • Strengthen effectiveness and continuity of the National Assembly’s oversight of the administrative branch and provide full support in assisting the standing committee for oversight of the Executive
  • Supporting Members’ Legislative and Policy Development Activities
    • Assisting Members’ legislative and policy development activities so that the National Assembly can take a leading role in cultivating a social atmosphere of public discourses and further developing representative democracy
      • Organize joint seminars and forums with Members’ offices
      • Assist Members’ offices in organizing seminars and forums: Participate as presenters, discussants, or moderators
      • Support and participate in National Assembly hearings in the National Assembly’s legislative process
    • Assisting Members’ research groups to invigorate policy research and development
      • Assist review or selection of topics for seminars and forums
      • Recommend presenters, discussants, or moderators for seminars and forums
      • Organize joint seminars
  • Support for Joint Seminars

    Application procedure to host joint seminar is as follows:

    • Submission of application form
      • Submit application form to relevant team no more than 30 days prior to the seminar day
      • Members may apply semiannually
    • Screening and selection criteria
      • a) Compliance with application requirement
      • b) significance and urgency of the issue
      • c) NARS core values
    • Preparation for hosting
      • Discuss details about seminar