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NARS Research Report Exhibition (School)


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1. Issues of Delaying Execution of Separation Measures for School Violence Perpetrators and its Tasks (2023.05.10.)

2. Tasks for Expanding the Reflection of School Violence Measures into College Admissions (2023.03.24.)

3. Issues and tasks for reorganization policies for autonomous private, foreign langauge and international high schools (2022.08.30.)

4. Analysis of changes in elementary, middle and high school students' private education expenditures and future tasks (2022.04.28.)

5. Main Controversy over Expanding School Attendance to Cope with Covid-19 and Improvement Tasks (2021.08.19.)

6. Reality of Cyber School-bullying after Covid-19 and Improvement Tasks (2021.04.08.)

7. Legislative and Policy Tasks to Strengthen Protection of School Violence Victims (2021.03.10.)

8. Legislative Impact Analysis on Regulating Activities Inducing Pre-Curriculum Education and Pre-Curriculum Learning Prescribed in the Regulations on Pre-Curriculum Education Act (2020.12.31.)

9. Improving Legislation and Policies Related to Educational Facilities Fire Safety (2020.08.03.)

10. Improvement Tasks of Remote Learning and Elementary, Middle and High School Academic Calendar Changes Caused by COVID-19 (2020.04.02.)

11. COVID-19 Planning and Preparedness:Academic Calender Changes and Future Directions (2020.03.12.)

12. Autonomous Private High Schools in Korea: Contemporary Issues and Challenges (2019.06.27.)

13. Legislative Impact Analysis on Collection of Remuneration and Use of Undistributed Remuneration in Article 25 (Use for the Purpose of School Education) of the 「COPYRIGHT ACT」 (2017.12.29.)

14. Problems and Challenges on Field Training System of Vocational High Schools (2017.12.28.)

15. Issues in Resolvement Measures in School-Bullying and Tasks for Improvement (2017.11.13.)

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