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NARS Research Report Exhibition (Population/Demography)


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1. The Implementation of ‘the Special Act on Support for Population Declining Areas’ and its Future Tasks (Korean) (2023.02.16.)

2. Current status of support for local universities by local governments and its future tasks (Korean) (2022.12.21.)

3. Meaning of ‘living population’ as a new concept of population and its future tasks (Korean) (2022.11.17.)

4. Introduction of local extinction response fund and its future tasks: Mid- to long-term policy and base strategies (Korean) (2022.06.30.)

5. Major policy responses to changes in farmhouse population structure and its future tasks : Focusing on the response to the farm labour shortage and the crisis of rural extinction (Korean) (2022.06.29.)

6. Problems and improvement direction of the 4th「Basic Plan for Low Fertility and Aging Society」- Focusing on Response to Low Fertility (Korean) (2022.05.17.)

7. Launch of a ‘Special City’ with a Population of 1million: Significance and Future Challenges (Korean) (2022.01.07.)

8. Current Status of Regions Facing Local Extinction Crisis and Future Tasks (Korean) (2021.10.19.)

9. Current Local University Enrollment and its Policy and Legislative Challenges(korean) (2021.06.29.)

10. Challenges and Implications of Responding to Low-Fertility from the Perspective of Public Policy Demands (Korean) (2020.11.11.)

11. Legislation for Economic Revitalization in Japan's Regional Areas Facing Depopulation:Trends and Implications (2020.05.27.)

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