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Subject NARS Successfully Holds the 7th International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Services
Date 2011/9/16

Chief of NARS (Dr. Lim Seong-ho) hosted the 7th International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Services on November 9 at the National Assembly Members' Office Building Conference Hall #1. Since 2010, NARS has held these international seminars annually to bring together delegates from different parliamentary research services around the world, and let them share ideas and experiences on legislative support and discuss major legislative and policy issues.

This year's 7th International Seminar proceeded under the theme of "Difficulties and Dilemmas in Parliamentary Research Service," with 30 delegates from 15 different countries attending. The theme was chosen so delegates could share their related case studies in conducting parliamentary research and come up with practical suggestions on how to deal with those research-related issues.

Despite working in different types of political system, delegates had a consensus on problems and concerns of parliamentary research service, especially when considering the reality that the majority of the information is produced and managed by the executive. After Dr. Lim opened the seminar by introducing the theme, all participating countries gave presentations over three main sessions. At the Q&A sessions that followed, delegates participated in lively discussions.

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