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Subject Director General of the Hungarian National Assembly Visits NARS
Date 2011/3/15

On November 3, a five-member delegation headed by Mr. Such György (Director General of the Hungarian National Assembly) visited NARS. The purpose of this visit was to learn about the Korean National Assembly system and make use of it in improving Hungarian National Assembly system.

After the delegation was briefed on the background of establishment and main roles of NARS, they showed great interest in the NARS's work: ▲ The number and contents of requests from members or committees of the National Assembly, ▲ Neutrality and confidentiality regarding the content of research inquiries, ▲ Non-partisanship as an independent research agency, ▲ Distinctive role of NARS, and ▲ Agenda selecting process in proactive research.

Chief of NARS (Dr. Lim Seong-ho) introduced the International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Services to the delegation, and invited them to next year's seminar. As the delegation expressed their interest and gave a positive response, it is anticipated that both National Assembly will enhance their exchanges and mutual cooperation in the future.
▲ PREV The Chief of the National Assembly Research Service Attends the IFLA, and Meets the Vice-Speaker of the Grand National Assembly in Turkey
▼ NEXT NARS Successfully Holds the 6th International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Services