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Subject NARS-NDL Mutual Visit Program
Date 2012/10/15

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement between the National Assembly Research Service (NARS) and the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL), a delegation headed by Director Osamu Higuchi(Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Division, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, NDL) visited NARS to take part in the 2015 mutual visit program held in Korea this year from December 8 to 11. (The program proceeded in cooperation with the National Assembly Library)

For the NARS Program on December 10, the Diet delegation had a meeting with the Chief of NARS (Dr. Lim Seong-ho) and a time exploring the NARS's work prior to attending the joint seminar.

At the seminar, Researcher Keiichi Kato (Financial Affairs Division, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, NDL) and Researcher Jung Do-young (Public Finance and Economy Team, NARS) gave presentations on the "Tax and financial reform in Japan" and "National debt management policy in Korea," respectively.

This visit from the National Diet Library of Japan provided an opportunity to compare national debt management system of two countries.

NARS expects this mutual visit program will further consolidate the relationship between two institutions.

In accordance with the MOU agreement signed in 2014 between the two institutions, Researcher Lee Jung-yoon(Science, Media and Telecommunications Team, NARS) visited the National Diet Library of Japan last December and gave a presentation on "Household expenditure on telecommunications and mobile telecommunications market."

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