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Subject The Chief of the National Assembly Research Service Attends the IFLA, and Meets the Vice-Speaker of the Grand National Assembly in Turkey
Date 208/18/15

On a recent trip to Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, from August 10-18, 2015, the delegation of National Assembly Research Service (NARS) headed by its Chief Dr. Lim Seong-ho participated in the 2015 IFLA (International Federation of Library Association) Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section Pre-conference, and visited the Grand National Assembly of Turkey following the trip.

Celebrating its 31st conference, with over 40 participating countries and 140 attending delegations, the IFLA was held under the theme of "The Progress, Changes, and Cooperation of Library and Research Services for Parliaments." At this conference, Chief Lim Seong-ho and Researcher You Woong-jo each gave presentations on the "Legislature as a Deliberate Arena and a Discursive Role of Legislative Think Tanks: The South Korean Case" and "Legislative Impact Analysis of the NARS: Current Status and Future Challenges," respectively. Participants showed great interest in the rapid increase of the legislations by the members of Korea's National Assembly and NARS's legislative impact analysis system.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lim met with Geugezi Mgidlana, the Secretary General of Parliament of South Africa, during the conference period. During their meeting they discussed democratization and conflict mediation in the Republic of South Africa and plans to strengthen the international exchanges between the two countries. Dr. Lim also cordially invited the South African delegation to the international seminar which will be hosted by NARS this coming November.

The NARS delegation visited the CCR (Center for Conflict Resolution), the world-renowned think tank on conflict resolution and security in Africa, and discussed SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and other global development issues with Director Adekeye Adebajo. Afterward the delegation attended a seminar on gender equality hosted by CCR.

Following the visit in the Republic of South Africa, the delegation visited the Grand National Assembly in Turkey. Dr. Lim met with the Vice-Speaker Mehmet Naci Bostancı and delivered a letter from the National Assembly Speaker Chung Ui-hwa to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, who could not attend the MIKTA Speakers' Consultation 2015 that took place in Seoul last July. Dr. Lim also introduced the achievement of the MIKTA Speakers' Consultation and its future plan. Vice-Speaker Bostancı showed great interest in participating in NARS's future activities.

The delegation then had a meeting with the Research Services for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the presence of Deputy Secretary General of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. After hearing the current state of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Research Services for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, both national assemblies' research services agreed on deepening their exchanges in the future.

This visit successfully introduced the status of NARS as an independent research agency to strengthen the National Assembly's legislative capacity. It also provided an important opportunity to further establish intimate cooperative ties with research services for Parliament around the world. It was especially meaningful in that the visit helped broaden international exchanges with African countries including the Republic of South Africa.

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