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Subject Domestic Trend and Legislative Tasks in Open Law Market
Date 2012/7/17

【Domestic Trend and Legislative Tasks Open Law Market】

◈ 2017. Dec. 7th. Fri. 13:30-17:30
◈ Venue : National Assembly Research Service(NARS) Main Conference Hall
( National Assembly Library 4th Floor, #421)


<Opening Ceremony> 13:30-14:00
Moderator : Sim, Jeong Hee, Director of Team, NARS Legislation and Judiciary Team 

Opening Remarks :
Lee Nae-Young, Chief of National Assembly Research Service

Congratulatory Address :
Chung, Sye Kyun, Speaker of the National Assembly
Kweon, Seong Dong, Chief of Legislation and Judiciary Committee

<Session 1> 14:00-15:00
Theme 1
Trends in Law Service Industry in Open Law Market and Policy Tasks for Overseas Business Opportunities

<Session 2> 15:20-16:20
Theme 2
Service Demand in Open Law Market

<Session 3> 16:20-17:30
▲ PREV Legislative Tasks in Securing Cultural Rights of the Handicapped
▼ NEXT State Strategy in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution and Policy Trends concerning Cyber Security