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NARS Research Report Exhibition(Protecting the vulnerable and the disadvantaged)

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1. Promoting Economic Independence for Youth Aging Out of Child Welfare System: Improvement Tasks for Efficient Operation of Child Development Account(CDA) (Korean) (2020.10.20.)

2. Current Status and Improvement Tasks of Childcare Support Systems for Parents with Disabilities (Korean) (2020.10.15.)

3. Older Adults and COVID-19: Status and Implications (Korean) (2020.10.07.)

4. ‘Blind Spot’ of the National Pension System and Legislation Trends (Korean) (2020.09.22.)

5. Systems of Child Abuse Countermeasures: Improvement Tasks of Child Protective Services (Korean) (2020.08.13.)

6. Legislation Related to Restricting Parental Rights for Child Abuse Prevention: Limitations and Improvement Tasks (Korean) (2020.08.04.)

7. Status and Improvement Tasks of Out of School Youth Support Business (Korean) (2020.06.22.)

8. Legislation and Policy Tasks Regarding Support for Families of Inmates (Korean) (2020.05.22.)

9. U.S. Operation Cases of the Kinship Navigator Program to Support Grandparent Families and its Implications (Korean) (2020.05.04.)

10. Status and Improvement Directions of South Korea’s Income Maintenance System for People with Disabilities (Korean) (2020.04.02.)

11. Government’s Programs Supporting Medical Expenses of Adolescent Mothers in South Korea:Status and Improvement Tasks (Korean) (2020.03.17.)

12. Issues and Challenges of South Korea‘s Community Care Plan ‘Care Anshim Housing’ (Korean) (2020.03.09.)

13. Teenage Parenting Support in South Korea:Status, Foreign Cases, and Implications (Korean) (2020.03.05.)

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